Why Aldi is the #1 Place to Buy Baby Products

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I want to get out my megaphone and shout it from the mountaintops—Aldi now has baby products!

Aldi is one of those places where if you are fortunate enough to have one within driving distance, you can save tons of money on fresh produce, meat, and tons of grocery products. In fact, if you are in the know, you can really cut your grocery budget down to size by sticking with these 5 things to buy at Aldi.

I have never been more excited for a store to get a new line of products! I have a one-year-old, and I have spent the last year hunting down the best deals on all the essentials for baby. Now, my favorite discount grocery store has Little Journey, a discounted line of baby products that range from diapers and wipes to food for your baby (formula all the way up to snacks and cereals), and even baby wash.

I purchased a few of the products to try out for myself (well, my son actually tried them), and overall, we really liked the new line! So without further ado, here are 3 great reasons to buy baby products at Aldi!

1. It is a small display

Little Journey only has about 50 products, enough to fill a small end-of-aisle display with a few shelves.

Compare this to the aisles after aisles of baby products you find at Target, Walmart, and other big box stores, and you will see the appeal.

By only providing what you need, Aldi helps mamas on a budget like me reduce the temptation to buy heavily marketed but essentially useless baby products.

It is a one-stop shop for only the necessities—at a steep discount. I absolutely love this about it! You can’t go wrong.

2. The products are high quality

I bought diapers, wipes, banana puffs, mixed berry yogurt bites, and a squeeze tube of baby food to try.

It was the first time I have ever purchased baby food for my son. When he was younger, I would make baby food for him, and now that he is eating well, I feed him pieces of whatever I am eating.

I wasn’t the least bit disappointed with these products. My son loved the banana puffs—and I mean, LOVED them! I was amazed at how quickly he ate a whole cup! The berry yogurt bites and the tube of baby food were comparable to what I make at home, and he liked them just fine, but the banana bites were his favorite.

We tried the diapers and wipes, too. I normally use cloth diapers, but I always like to have a small stash of disposables for travel. I put my very active one year old in the Little Journey disposables, and they worked great. In fact, they even stopped what could have been a blow-out if he were in our usual choice of disposable diapers. The wipes were thick, got the job done, and didn’t cause a reaction on his sensitive skin. Mom approved!

My child is no longer drinking formula, so I could not give that a try. However, I was really impressed with the selection of formula—they have basic infant formula (compare to Enfamil), advantage (compare to Similac), gentle, sensitivity, soy, and toddler.

3. All of the products are inexpensive—but some of them are the cheapest around!

Okay, now to what really matters to parents on a budget—how does the cost compare to the generic brands?


I compared generic size 4 diapers at Walmart, Target, Costco and Aldi:

Walmart Parent’s Choice                    $27.94                                     180ct                                  $.16/ diaper
Target Up & Up                                      $32.99                                     192ct                                  $.17/ diaper
Costco Kirkland Signature                 $38.99                                     180ct                                  $.22/ diaper
Aldi Little Journey                                $12.49                                     96ct                                    $.13/ diaper

Aldi is the clear winner for the least expensive disposable diaper!

Baby Wipes-unscented

Walmart Parent’s Choice                    $13.47                                    800ct                                   $.017/ wipe
Target Up & Up                                      $14.49                                    800ct                                   $.018/ wipe
Costco Kirkland Signature                 $19.99                                    900ct                                    $.022/wipe
Aldi Little Journey                                $3.49                                      216ct                                    $.017/ wipe

Aldi and Walmart baby wipes are equally inexpensive, but since you are picking up diapers at Aldi anyway, you might as well grab their wipes too!

Baby Formula

Basic infant formula with Iron, compared the cost per dry oz

Walmart Parent’s Choice                  $19.98                                     35oz                                       $.57/ oz
Target Up & Up                                    $23.49                                     40oz                                        $.58/ oz
Costco Kirkland Signature               $17.99                                     40 oz                                       $.45/ oz
Aldi Little Journey                              $12.99                                     22oz                                        $.59/ oz

Aldi is the most expensive baby formula compared to the generic brands at other stores! I am definitely going to stick with Kirkland Signature Baby formula, which has already saved us thousands.

The baby food was also really cheap; it costs $1.79 for a bag of Mixed Berry Yogurt Bites, $.79 for a squeeze tube of Apple Banana Raspberry Yogurt, and $1.39 for a big container of banana puffs. I have never seen prices this cheap, and I will continue to buy the puffs at Aldi.

Aldi’s new line of baby products, Little Journey, is worth checking out if you want quality baby products for relatively cheap. The disposable diapers and wipes are a steal! And you can pick them up with the rest of your shopping without being bombarded by shelves and shelves of baby stuff you do not need. It is simple, easy, and cheap!

As for me, I will continue buying the disposable diapers and wipes for times when cloth diapering isn’t convenient, and I will pick up little snacks every once in a while without breaking the bank.

Have you tried Little Journey at Aldi? What did you think of the products and the cost?

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