Digital Discipleship – A Method for Mindful Posts

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It’s election year again… the time that I want to just throw in the towel and shut down my Facebook page for good!  Everyone has an opinion that gets everyone else riled up and at the end of the day, we all look like fools.  There are so many times that I end my day distracted by something someone posted, and I spend hours trying to craft my response as articulately as possible to show them the truth.  I can’t wait to show the world that I am right—and they are wrong.   Well, I have just been called out on this.  I have been convicted by the Holy Spirit, and I have decided to make one big change from here on out.   Before I hit “post”, I will ask myself one important question—is this self-serving, or does it serve God?  That’s it.  It really is that simple.  Asking that one question can change your online presence to bring glory to God.

What Self-Serving Looks Like

Do you feel the need to argue with someone over a hot button issue?  Ask yourself why.  For me, I like the sound of my own opinions and I really enjoy the “pat on the back”—so to speak—when people agree with me or like my comments.  It makes me feel good, it pumps up my ego, and it gives me a forum to impulsively react to things other people say.  I like it a lot, but it does not help anyone, it does not spread the good news, and it isolates me from friends, acquaintances, and strangers.  I always hope to convince people of my side—but that has never happened.  Even if it did, I would surely take all the credit, and bask in my amazing abilities… God isn’t even a thought.

What God-Serving Looks Like

To serve God in social media doesn’t necessarily mean sharing Bible quotes or devotionals. Are you being helpful?   Do you know the answer to a question someone has posted, or perhaps have a funny or inspirational story that will brighten someone’s day?  Do you have joys to share?  Those are the things that remind me of God when I scroll through my news feed, and I believe they are the best way to share God’s Love and his role in our lives.

It is time for us to change the way we think about our place in social media.  It’s time for us to make it less about ourselves and more about helping others, serving God, and rejoicing in his blessings.  Let’s take a really good look at what we post, and maybe one day our news feeds will be filled with joy and fellowship instead of bickering.

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