How We Saved $1,000 on Baby Formula

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Have you ever noticed that baby formula is kept under lock and key at grocery stores because it is so expensive? 

If you are a mama or dad-to-be, or you are a struggling young family in need of formula, you probably feel faint just looking at the prices of that magic potion.  It has got to be magic if it costs that much…right?  

Well, there is good news—big name brands like Enfamil and Similac aren’t your only options.  In fact, you can save $1000 before your baby’s first birthday by switching to Kirkland Signature Formula at Costco.  Yep, you heard that right—Costco has formula, and it will save you tons of cash!

Big Name Brand Formula

The two biggest companies out there making formula are Enfamil and Similac.  If you gave birth in a hospital, chances are you got to take home a measly handful of 2oz bottles of this stuff.  

I breastfed my little one for two months, and even so, those 2oz bottles were handy. 

When I decided to switch to formula completely, I knew I needed to do some research because the cost of these big names is so high!   At Walmart, the Enfamil Infant Refill Box (the cheapest one I could find) is $36.98 for 33.2 oz—which comes in at a whopping $1.11 an oz!  Similac Advance is $1.07 an oz.  Ouch!

Off-Brand or Generic Formula

Okay, so those big names just aren’t an option for a family on a budget. 

Did you know that off-brands are almost identical to the big names?  Our pediatrician even recommends them!  Target Up & Up Infant Formula comes in at 59 cents per oz. What a difference!  Parent’s Choice comes in at 57 cents an oz, and they even make gentle, sensitivity, soy, and organic formulas for babies with a sensitive tummy. 

If your baby is picky or your pediatrician advises one of these special formulas, Parent’s Choice is clearly your cheapest option.

Kirkland Signature Formula

For babies who don’t have any troubles or allergies, the clear winner in the price-per-oz category is Kirkland Signature Formula from Costco!  

A Costco membership costs you $55 a year, but it pays for itself with this formula.  It only costs 45 cents an oz!!! 

To put this in some perspective, if we say the average baby drinks 32 fluid ounces of formula a day, Kirkland will cost you $59.85 a month.  Enfamil comes in at $147.63 per month, so the savings in just the first month will pay for your Costco membership! 

Over the course of your baby’s first year, you will save $1,053.36 just by switching from Enfamil to Kirkland.  That’s $1000 in your pocket and $53.36 to put toward your membership.

Enfamil and Similac baby formulas will cost you a pretty penny, but there are much cheaper options available.   Next time you are in Costco, pick up the big yellow tub of Kirkland Signature infant formula and let me know how your baby likes it—and how you like the savings!

**Important note** Please talk to your baby’s pediatrician before you switch formulas.  Not only will they give you a few samples of things to try (for FREE) but they have valuable insight into your baby’s nutritional needs.

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