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How to Cut your Grocery Budget to $25 a Week

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Let’s be honest—every once in a while, I have a week when I come up a little shorter than expected.

Maybe there was a car repair that needed to be done, or a trip to the doctor (complete with that co-pay) that went over the budget. It happens to the best of us, and despite my best efforts, I am not immune to it.

It happens a lot less often now that I use the cash envelope system, but it does happen from time to time.

My priority on weeks like this is to avoid using credit for living expenses. It is so important to me—and should be to you, too! So instead of pulling out the plastic, I work with what I have on hand when I go to the grocery store.

It takes a very careful meal planning system to make it all work when you are on the tightest budget imaginable, but it can be done!

I have developed a system to make my meal planning as cheap as possible WITHOUT being boring. I pull it out on tighter-than-expected weeks. Lately, I have started doing this every week (with a few treats thrown in) so that I can put extra money into savings. And my husband is never bored with the meals—in fact, he gets as excited as I do when our total at the register is less than $30!

Meal planning on a very tight budget is not a secret I want to keep to myself!  So I created a short eBook to explain the process—and I am giving it away for FREE if you subscribe to my newsletter!

The examples and sample meal plan in this guide feature the sales and excellent prices at Aldi, but you can apply it to any grocery store that has weekly sales!

So are you ready to learn to eat well while saving money? Subscribe to my newsletter to receive your free copy of The $25 a Week Meal Planning Guide. It even comes with two very helpful printables and a sample meal plan!

Happy Meal Planning!

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