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Ten Reasons to Love Ibotta

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Ibotta is a FREE app that gives you real cash rebates on the groceries you buy anyway. 

It doesn’t cost a cent to sign up, and they give you cash back when you redeem rebates.  There are a ton of rebates available for big national brands as well as generic items!  It is quick and easy to use, and it takes much less time (and earns far more money) than couponing.

Sign up here if you haven’t joined Ibotta yet!

Ibotta has a lot of amazing features that make saving (earning, really) money easier than ever.

You get money when you sign up!

Yep, it’s true.  For a limited time, when you sign up with Ibotta, you get $10 when you claim your first rebate!  Offering you free money while you save money?  Who would pass this up?

Unlocking deals is quick and easy.

When you log into the Ibotta app, you can unlock the deals by looking up what store you are visiting or by checking out the featured deals for the store you are going to (and all the deals you can get for that location).  To unlock a deal, simply click the red unlock button.

Sometimes they give you a short (15-30 second) video to watch or ask you a question.  It doesn’t take long at all, and sometimes the questions can be pretty fun.  The amount of time you spend unlocking deals adds up to only a few minutes a week at most, and can save you a lot of money!  This week I spent about two minutes on Ibotta and made $6 on a single trip to Walmart!

When I think of how much time I used to waste hunting and clipping coupons, Ibotta is a much bigger payout for much less time and effort!

It is easy to search for deals.

If you are looking for something in particular, the Ibotta app has a search feature that you can use to look for a deal.  I use this all the time to make sure that I have unlocked every possible deal before heading to the store.

You can check the product bar code before you buy.

The Ibotta app has a feature that allows you to scan the item’s bar code before you even throw it into your cart to make sure you are grabbing the right item for the rebate.  This is a great way to double-check that takes all the guesswork and fine-print-reading out of it for you.

I unlocked a rebate for Purina Dog Chow on Ibotta, and when I got to Walmart I realized that Purina makes a lot of dog food.  So I pulled out my phone and started scanning the bags to make sure any Purina chow qualified for the rebate.  Turns out, the rebate was for the bag that literally said “Dog Chow” on the front.  I was so glad I used the check product bar code feature!

You can also scan the bar code for an item you are buying to check for any available rebates.  It is nice to know Ibotta has made it so that we never miss out on a deal.

Some stores have loyalty cards that you can sync with Ibotta.

Check out the list of stores that Ibotta has linked to their loyalty program here.  Hopefully there is one near you, because cashing out on your rebates is a breeze when you use this feature.  Just unlock your deals, shop, and scan your loyalty card at the register, and Ibotta will do the rest for you.  Easy peasy!

Lots of retailers have made receipt scanning easy.

So in order to claim your rebate, you need to either have shopped at one of the places that have their loyalty cards synced with Ibotta, or you need to scan your items and your receipt in the Ibotta app.  It really is easy and just takes a few extra seconds when you are putting away your groceries (at least that is when I do it).

Many retailers such as Walmart have even included a QR code on the bottom of your receipt.  You just scan this in Ibotta to collect all your rebates!

Ibotta is not just for deals on groceries.

Ibotta has deals at all kinds of places, and the list of participating retailers just keeps on growing.  You can get rebates on clothes, iTunes, Jo-Ann fabrics, Best Buy,, and even Ticketmaster.  It isn’t just for grocery shopping anymore! I love that Ibotta keeps expanding, and I hope that soon there will be rebates available pretty much everywhere.

They have generic “any brand” deals.

Deals on any gallon of milk, any dozen eggs, any loaf of bread and many more can be used on generic groceries!   These deals are available all the time and usually have a $.25 rebate.  And trust me—$.25 rebates add up really quickly if you have a family that goes through staples like mine does.

In fact, these rebates alone make getting the Ibotta app worth it for families.  We earn about $1.50 a week from “any brand” rebates on our basic grocery staples, which adds up to $78 a year!

You can work towards bonuses!

And the bonuses are usually really good!  Right now I am working on the Pumpkin Patch bonus, which gives you an extra $5 just for redeeming 5 rebates.  Most of the bonuses are earned just by using the app regularly.  You don’t really need to go out of your way to earn them.

Some of the bonuses are for your whole team, so everyone’s rebates add together to get each team member a little extra cash.  Everyone wins!

If you want to join my team, use my Ibotta link to sign up.  I am an affiliate with Ibotta, which means I earn money when people sign up and join my team.  Right now, YOU get money for signing up, too!  They are giving $10 to people who join when they verify their first rebate… AND the app is FREE! So they are pretty much giving away free money!

The absolute best part of Ibotta is that you get cash back.

Yep, CASH!  When you redeem your rebates and you are ready to cash out, you have the option of choosing a gift card to a bunch of different locations (which is great with the holidays coming up) OR depositing the money you earned to PayPal.  That’s right—just transfer your cash over to PayPal so that you can spend it on whatever you want!  It is the only rebate program I know that gives you real cash back.  I love it!

I have completely switched from couponing to Ibotta because it is so easy to use and I earn a ton of cash shopping for groceries that I buy anyway.  I can’t believe it took me so long to sign up, but I am so excited by how easy it is to get a substantial amount of cash back on groceries.

If you are interested in joining my Ibotta team, click this link and sign up so I can help you earn the bonus cash.

See you all at the registers!

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